December 19th, 2017

Underneath The Willow Tree LP FINISHED

Season's greetings. Our new double-album Underneath The Willow Tree is finally finished and available in-entirety HERE.

The album features a fluid narrative beginning-to-end centering on a socially awkward youth named Nicholas and a box of letters he discovers hidden in his bedroom wall. A dark and tragic tale unfolds as Nicholas reads through the letters one-by-one accompanied by his next-door neighbor and newfound friend Holly Yeong.

Lyrics are posted next to each song (via above link) so feel free to read along as you listen. More news to come including updates to the site here and perhaps a few live engagements in the new year. Thanks so much.

November 8th, 2017

Mokey's Passing

Our dear Mokey passed away Thursday morning, November 2nd, 2017. He was our cat, our inspiration, our friend. With the heaviest of hearts Mokey, we bid you adieu.

Mokey and I met on a sidewalk outside my first Nashville apartment in 2005. He'd hung around for a couple days before my girlfriend and I scooped him up and into our lives. Just a fluffy white fuzzball with aqua-blue eyes, no more than 7-weeks old.

That was 12-years ago and we've basically been together ever since. For all the highs, lows, twists and turns, good times and bad over the past decade-plus, Mokey's been there. We hunkered down under a mountain of blankets during our early Nashville winters because the heating sucked. We played fetch with his beloved glove-ball and celebrated wildly Rafa Nadal's first Wimbledon. We danced in our respective ways through drunkenness and spells of cat-madness, and cried ourselves to sleep--at least one of us did--after my tinnitus first set-in.

I used to stand in my kitchen at-the-ready, waiting to parry left-or-right while Mokey, feet set, leapt at me through the air in repeat advances. It was one of his favorite games. We would go 5-6 rounds this way and sometimes at the end I would let him jump into my arms.

He responded to his name even as a kitten, often with a scratchy, diminutive "meow." He learned to shake, lay-down and balance back on his hind-legs, which we called "squirrel stance." And he always looked me in the eye--when he wanted some food, whenever I talked to him, even if he'd thrown himself headlong into a bout of madness, leaping and cavorting all through the apartment. He'd lock-in with that crazed look in his eye. It made me feel special; somehow part of the occasion.

I have regrets of course--too many to count almost. He turned twelve in October and we barely celebrated his birthday. I'd been traveling and came back broke (again) thinking I would try to make up for it at Christmas. I would get him that carpet cat-tower I'd been putting off for so long. It breaks my heart that we glossed over his final birthday with some catnip and a few treats. That's just one example... In general, I put Mokey things off in-favor of so many self-serving endeavors. I'm ashamed and will never have the chance to make amends now that he's gone. Mokey deserved better.

His passing hurts in a way I've not felt before and could never have considered fully, no matter how many times I looked at him, held him and understood that one day we'd no longer be together. Everywhere I look is a reminder, everything suddenly a keepsake of our life before Thursday. Inga and I collected some of his hairs off the carpet and put them into a box. It was heartbreaking. Of course for us, it is sad but for Mokey it's infinitely worse. He is gone. Between the two of us, I'd rather he stuck around not me. Maybe these sentiments are cliched. They're also understated. It's impossible to communicate the full impact. I am broken, wholeheartedly. Crushed.

I mostly want to say: Mokey, I miss you. I love you with all my heart. I've cried for six days and will continue to cry. It's difficult to imagine moving forward through this life without you. It's difficult to imagine the days ahead ever really living-up to days passed. I'm so lucky for the time we had together though. Thank you <3.

One of the last memories I have is of Mokey sitting on the floor looking up at me, right into my eyes, as I patted him on the head and told him "goodnight."

Goodnight dear will be missed <3~Jeb

September 16th, 2017

Underneath The Willow Tree LP

Greetings all. Apologies for the extended break in activity here. We've been working hard these many months on a new set of recordings entitled Underneath The Willow Tree

Our second in a series of planned "storybook albums" follows a pair of young social outcasts who discover a mysterious box of letters hidden in the wall of one of their bedrooms. The letters reveal the dark and tragic tale of a former tenant and in-turn shed light on the lives of the two young protagonists.

Please visit our bandcamp-page for first offering "Up & At'Em" and look for the full album to be finished and available November 2017. Thank you.

More news to come...

September 27th, 2015

Good Folk Fest 2015

Hello friends! We're very pleased to announce that Grandpa Egg will again perform at this year's GOOD FOLK FEST in Louisville, Ky. If you're unfamiliar with the festival, please checkout their website HERE.

It's a beautiful coming together of folk artists and musicians for one very colorful weekend, November 20-22. If you're anywhere near the Louisville-area we'd love to see you out for this wonderful occasion. Grandpa Egg is scheduled to play on Sunday, November 22nd @ 12-noon.

Here's a clip of Daniel Johnston performing at GFF, the first time we had the pleasure of attending back in 2008:

June 17th, 2015

A Seance At Syd's

Grandpa Egg is proud to be featured in the new psychedelic anthology A SEANCE AT SYD'S by English rock writer Dave Thompson. This engaging work is a collection of quotes and stories from psych-oriented artists across the globe... and throughout the cosmos!!!! (not really)

Purchase anthology HERE / Listen to accompanying CD-set HERE

Discover more about author Dave Thompson and his other works HERE

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