11.21.2015 Louisville, KY - Good Folk Fest: 12noon
08.21.2015 Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Roboto Project: Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, Diamond Shapes
07.24.2015 Charlottesville, VA - Fardowners: J.R. Fisher, Sam Uriss, Jordan Perry
07.23.2015 Richmond, VA - Emilio's: J.R. Fisher, Herschel Stratego, The Moonbees
07.22.2015 Baltimore, MD - The House: J.R. Fisher, Mary Wander, Alain Ginsberg
07.21.2015 Greensburg, PA - Dv8: J.R. Fisher, Layers & Frames, So Death Cannot Find Me
07.19.2015 Pittsburgh, PA - Night Gallery: J.R. Fisher, Diamond Shapes, Wolf Blanket
07.18.2015 Kent, OH - Stone Tavern: J.R. Fisher, Dolly Rocker Ragdoll, Woosley Band
07.17.2015 Cleveland, OH - Euclid City Limits: J.R. Fisher, Heavenly Creatures, CVDH
07.16.2015 Ann Arbor, MI - The Living Room: J.R. Fisher, The Striped Bananas
07.15.2015 Muskegon, MI - Temple House: J.R. Fisher, Harvest Roots, Strawberry Heritage
07.14.2015 Kalamazoo, MI - Rupert's Brewery: J.R. Fisher, King Median, Aaron Garcia
07.12.2015 Chicago, IL - Feel Collins Flat: J.R. Fisher, James Dean Death Cult, Heavy Dreams
07.11.2015 Indianapolis, IN - The Free House: J.R. Fisher, Caleb McCoach
07.10.2015 Cincinnati, OH - The Chameleon: J.R. Fisher, Healing Trapeze
07.09.2015 Columbus, OH - Used Kids Records: J.R. Fisher, The Pink Owl
07.09.2015 Columbus, OH - Spacebar: J.R. Fisher, Sovroncourt, Darren Whitaker
03.29.2015 Pittsburgh, PA - Hamebone's: Fields & Planes
01.16.2015 Columbus, OH - Ace Of Cups: J.R. Fisher, Sovroncourt, Total Foxx, and more!
12.12.2014 Pittsburgh, PA - Hambone's: Them Labs, Andre Costello
11.12.2013 Nashville, TN - Betty's Bar & Grill: Ann Tiley
09.07.2013 Nashville, TN - Cafe Coco: Dragon Park Kids
12.05.2012 Nashville, TN - The Nursing Home: Johnny Foodstamp, Still Sweet (from Philly)
11.03.2012 Louisville, KY - Good Folk Fest: Baby Gramps, Silver Tongues, J Marinelli, and more
06.09.2012 Nashville, TN - The Nursing Home: Elia Goat, Aquariums, Lower Valley Authority
04.28.2012 Nashville, TN - Dino's: D. Bramble, Lylas
04.19.2012 Chattanooga, TN - The Honest Pint: O Youth
04.12.2012 Nashville, TN - Springwater!: Steven Roy, Samuel Steelman, Eliza Rickman
03.22.2012 Lafayette, LA - The Wild Salmon: Radioflyer, Peter Youngblood, Healing Trapeze
03.20.2012 Houston, TX - The Mink Bar: Kevin Hirth, P. For Flamingos, The Mathletes
03.19.2012 San Antonio, TX - Raven Hookah Lounge: Carl & The Jung Quartet, Chesshero, Healing Trapeze
03.18.2012 Austin, TX - Iguana Grill: SXSW (unofficial) 6PM, Monster Fair, Loves It!
03.16.2012 Austin, TX - Rio's Brazilian Cafe: SXSW (unofficial) 6PM
03.15.2012 Austin, TX - Carousel Lounge: SXSW (unofficial) 9PM, Hello Caller
03.14.2012 Houston, TX - Super Happy Funland: Overflow-SXSW, 9PM, Healing Trapeze
03.13.2012 Austin, TX - Thrice Cafe: SXSW (unofficial) Haun's Mill, Hello Caller
03.12.2012 Dallas, TX - La Grange: Relo, Matthew & The Arrogant Sea, Catamaran
03.11.2012 Conway, AR - Zack's House: "Spring Swing" Heavy Boots, Buck Bell, Healing Trapeze
03.10.2012 Memphis, TN - Kudzu's: Emily Anderson, Swimmingly, Healing Trapeze
03.09.2012 Clarksville, TN - The Coup: Resistance House Band, Ryan Gardner
02.25.2012 Murfreesboro, TN - Free Form House: 7PM
02.04.2012 Birmingham, AL - The Speakeasy: Opera Sextronique, Paranormals
02.03.2012 Huntsville, AL - Coffee & Books: D. Bramble, Jaeme Case
01.21.2012 Athens, GA - Flicker Bar: El Hollin, The Humms
01.20.2012 Chattanooga, TN - Stone Cup: The Alexanders
01.12.2012 Nashville, TN - Springwater!: The Cherry Blossoms, Laughing Eye Weeping Eye
01.07.2012 Cincinnati, OH - The Mockbee: Healing Trapeze
12.22.2011 Cookeville, TN - The Char: Johnny Foodstamp
12.08.2011 Nashville, TN - Springwater!: Aquariums & more
12.03.2011 Hamilton, OH - Galaxy CDs: Aquariums, Healing Trapeze
12.02.2011 Berea, KY - The Black Feather: Aquariums, Fields May
12.01.2011 Bowling Green, KY - Greener Groundz: Aquariums, Jacob Abrahamson
11.30.2011 Nashville, TN - Dino's: Johnny Foodstamp
11.19.2011 Richmond, VA - Carytown Bistro: K. Haze (solo)
11.04.2011 Louisville, KY - Sunergos Coffee: (line-up pending)
10.02.2011 Nashville, TN - The Springwater: Aquariums
09.22.2011 Nashville, TN - The 5-Spot: Ayatollah Gold
08.25.2011 Nashville, TN - The 5-Spot: Dave Cloud, Shaky DeVille
08.19.2011 Louisville, KY - Lisa's Oak St. Lounge: J.Glenn
08.18.2011 Columbus, OH - The Treehouse: James Fisher & Friends
08.17.2011 Cleveland, OH - The Barking Spider: James Fisher
08.16.2011 Cleveland, OH - Wilbert's: James Fisher, Back To Bouvet (show cancelled)
08.15.2011 Ferndale, MI - AJ's Cafe: James Fisher, Tapes On Tape
08.14.2011 Ann Arbor, MI - Brewed Awakening: James Fisher, The White Ravens, Match By Match
08.13.2011 Kalamazoo, MI - Louie's Trophy House Grill: James Fisher, Brown Cow, Elk Welcome
08.12.2011 Marion, IN - Beatnik's Cafe: James Fisher, Bits Of Banter, The Mudflap Revival
08.10.2011 Chicago, IL - Elbo Room: James Fisher, Pretty Swans, Joe Robinson
08.08.2011 Indianapolis, IN - The Vollrath: James Fisher, Ryan Puett, Chance Wagner
08.05.2011 Cincinnati, OH - Rohs Street Cafe: James Fisher, Healing Trapeze, The Sleeping Sea
08.04.2011 Lexington, KY - Al's Bar: The Rough Customers
07.30.2011 Nashville, TN - East Side Co-Op: Slim, Thelma and The Sleaze, Styches
10.17.2010 Nashville, TN - The 5-Spot: (Betty Rats) Fuckshow, LoveLife
09.19.2010 New Albany, IN - The Dandy Lion: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Ben Traughber, Aquariums
09.18.2010 Indianapolis, IN - Christian Taylor's House: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Caleb McCouch
09.17.2010 Cincinnati, OH - The Marburg Hotel: (Betty Rats) Monadoc, Healing Trapeze
09.16.2010 Columbus, OH - The Treehouse: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, James Fisher
09.15.2010 Pittsburgh, PA - Club Cafe: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Jasper Lewis, Chet Vincent
09.13.2010 Brooklyn, NY - Goodbye Blue Monday: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Black Forest, The Wires
09.12.2010 New York, NY - Sidewalk Cafe: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Isaac Gillespie, Shakey Graves
09.10.2010 Philadelphia, PA - JR's Bar: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc & friends
09.09.2010 Baltimore, MD - Pow-Pow Power-Wheels: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Elsa, Infinite Honey
09.08.2010 Washington, DC - The Red & The Black: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Elsa, Joe Pollock
09.07.2010 Richmond, VA - Sprout: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Ben Shepard, Paul Ivey
09.04.2010 Roanoke, VA - The Bazaar: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Nancy & 2 Meteors
09.02.2010 Nashville, TN - The Springwater: (Betty Rats) Monadnoc, Aquariums
05.13.2010 Knoxville, TN - Pilot Light: (Betty Rats) Joey English
05.11.2010 Roanoke, VA - The Bazaar: (Betty Rats) Oakroot, John Barry Conception
05.10.2010 Richmond, VA - The Camel: (Betty Rats) Herschel Stratego, Zac Hryciak & Jungle Beat
05.07.2010 Baltimore, MD - Joe Squared: (Betty Rats) Agrarians, A Cat Called Cricket
05.06.2010 Philadelphia, PA - JR's Bar: (Betty Rats) Joe Jack Talcum, Scott Churchman
05.02.2010 Brooklyn, NY - Bruer Falls: (Betty Rats) Guitarbomb, Jared Micah & Hats
05.01.2010 Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox: (Betty Rats) Nik Westman, Chet Vincent, The Wreckids
04.30.2010 Youngstown, OH - The Royal Oaks: (Betty Rats) The Lazy Dogs, Trust Mission
04.27.2010 Columbus, OH - The Treehouse: (Betty Rats) James Fisher, Dane Terry
04.25.2010 Cincinnati, OH - Baba Budan's: (Betty Rats) Jordin Goff, Rainy Day Parade
04.23.2010 Louisville, KY - Derby City Espresso: (Betty Rats) Ben Traughber, The Mack
04.22.2010 Paducah, KY - Mother Duncan's: (Betty Rats) Jamie Pigg, Tommy Oliverio